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Product description
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Walking around at night with the lights out can be dangerous! Stepping on something hard or sharp or bumping into walls and furniture is painful. Ouch! Never suffer with bruised shins or toes again, with the Lux Light Sensor Outlet. This clever outlet installs in seconds and requires no hard-wiring at all. Simply push it into its proper place and a set of contacts will touch the necessary cables to complete the circuit. This outlet is designed to look just like any standard outlet cover by day, but features beautiful LEDs that provide ambient lighting at night. The lights are powered by the outlet box, leaving both of your outlets available for other uses and a sensor automatically turns the lights on when it's dark.

Lamps and night lights placed here and there around the house are nice, but they take up valuable space and easy access to outlets that could be used for other things. The Lux Light Sensor Outlet provides the necessary lighting you need, with just a snap of the cover plate. Any power outlet can be converted into a motion-sensor LED night light in seconds and you won't need an electrician or tools, other than a screwdriver, to remove existing outlet plates. The three LED bulbs that are built right into the cover plate are completely discreet and ultra sleek. There are no exposed bulbs, or glass that could tempt tiny fingers and they come on automatically when the lighting is dim, which means they're highly energy efficient. 

No more intrusive night lights! These LED lights pose as outlet cover plates, so they're sleek and flat. They won't stick out on the wall, like night lights, and unlike lamps they don't take up table space or valuable floor space. 


  • Lux Light Sensor Outlet is compatible with any outlet
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Low light activated LED bulbs
  • Each plate is 7.4 cm. x 12.5 cm.

P.S. Not compatible with GFCI outlets.

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Lux Light Sensor Outlet
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